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The purpose of the study was to determine the evaluation of anxiety and aggression among school level kho – kho and ball badminton players. To achieve the purpose thirty kho-kho and ball badminton players each and they were selected from Sri Ramamoorthy high school, Vasanthapuram,  Paramathi-velur, Namakkal. The subject’s age ranged from 12-16 years. The selected subjects were considered as only one group. The following criterion variables were selected for the study such as anxiety and aggression. The questionnaires were selected for collection data about the anxiety and aggression. The collected data were statistically analyzed by using t’ ratio. It was found that there was no significant difference between kho kho and ball badminton players on aggression. It was also found that there was no significant difference between kho-kho and ball badminton players on anxiety.

Key Words: Anxiety, aggression, ball badminton, kho – kho. 


Anxiety, aggression, ball badminton, kho – kho.

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