Formulation and evalution of Transdermal patches of torasemide

Rajesh Asija, Avinash Gupta, Bhagwan Swaroop Maheshwari


The main advantage of Transdermal drug delivery system is to bypass the first pass metabolism, avertance of the risk and annoyance of intravenous therapy and of the varied conditions of absorption, like pH changes, gastric emptying time and presence of enzyme. The Transdermal drug delivery scheme is generally used where the others system of drug administration fails or it is mainly used in edema associates congestive heart failure. The transdermal drug delivery has advantage to deliver medicines via skin to systemic circulation at a predetermined rate and maintain therapeutic concentration for prolong period of time. This review describes the assorted formulation aspects, a variety of excipients, evaluation tests, challenges and drugs explored in the pasture of topical drug delivery.


Transdermal patches, Skin, Controlled Drug Delivery System

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