The Effects of Direct Instruction Flashcards on Sight Word Skills ofan Elementary Student with a Specific Learning Disability

Thomas Ford McLaughlin, Ande Seines, K. M. Derby, K. P. Weber


The purpose of this study was to implement and evaluate a Direct Instruction (DI) flashcard system to teach sight word acquisition to a 6th grade student with a documented Specific Learning Disability. Multiple baseline designs were used across word sets with each student to evaluate the effectiveness of the flashcard procedures. A functional relationship was demonstrated between the use of the strategies and the reading of sight words for the participant. The study showed that DI flashcards are able to be an effective way to teach students with specific learning disabilities (SLP).  Both staff and students enjoyed the intervention.


Specific Learning Disability, DI flashcards, multiple baseline design, literacy, sight words, sight words, edTPA,

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