A cross sectional study of patients knowledge and attitude towards the drug-drug interactions in Coimbatore district India

Arumugam Madeswaran, Abhijath M, Achsah R. B., Alka T


The current objective of this study was to assess the patient’s knowledge and attitudes toward the drug-drug interactions, a survey instrument included questions about the patient’s demographic information, familiarity with drug-drug interactions, usage of other systems of medicines and the patient’s comfort level when discussing drug-drug interactions.76% believed that drugs won’t produce any interactions with other drugs. 58% of participants indicated that they were taken both allopathic and other systems of medicines without the notification of physician. 64% of the respondents were stated that they were not able to communicate with the physician properly. The result of the current study reveals that the patients not having enough knowledge about drug-drug interactions and further indicates that the communication issue is a major factor for the drug-drug interactions. Hence the remedy suggested for reducing the drug-drug interactions are to enhance the time of counseling, and providing seminars, awareness, and programs regarding the need of effective communication and drug-drug interactions information to the overall population.


Allopathic drugs,Communication,Physician, Interactions

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7439/ijasr.v1i2.1797

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