Adult Bochdalek Hernia: An unusual presentation and diagnostic dilemma

Nikhil S Shetty, Vijay P Agrawal, Ashwin Narasimhaprasad


Bochdalek hernia is a rare condition in adult and usually diagnosis is missed. It is usually mistakenly diagnosed as TB, pleural effusion, empyema, lung cyst and pneumothorax. Delayed presentation is not uncommon. We present a case of 18 year old male patient who was misdiagnosed as having left sided pleural effusion with TB and associated gastritis for three days and later referred to our institution. Diagnosis was established by physical examination, chest x-ray and chest CT- scan. Per operatively a gangrenous ileal segment was seen of about 10 cms which was later resected. The Hernia was later closed with Prolene sutures.


Bochdalek hernia, Tuberculosis

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