Presacral Hemangiopericytoma: Case Report

Dr Rajendra Prasad Bugalia, Anuradha Salvi, Prashant Garg, Abhinav Pandey, Raj Kamal Jenaw


Hemangiopericytoma is rare tumor originating from the pericytes, the contractile cells that surround capillaries. This tumor arises from pericapillary cells or pericytes of Zimmerman and can occur anywhere where capillaries are found. However hemangiopericytoma develops mainly in the lower extremities, retroperitoneum or pelvis. The recommended treatment for a hemangiopericytoma is wide excision. Since many benign and malignant diseases occur in the area surrounding the anus, recognizing the presence of this malignant tumor in the presacral space is important in order to avoid inappropriate surgery such as piecemeal excision.  We describe a rare case of a hemangiopericytoma in the presacral space. With posterior approach the tumour was completely removed. Pathological examination including immunohistological stains was consistent with a hemangiopericytoma.


Hemangiopericytoma, Presacral, Surgery, Immunohistology

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