Gesture controlled robotic surgical arm(GCRSA)

Dr. Uthayakumar, Jayaram Raja, Meiyappan A N, Naveen Lakshman L, Ramanathan S


This research paper primarily focuses on Arduino controlled Humanoid arm which transform’s the current surgical process operated by a Surgeon. With exponential population growth and a hand full of medical experts at corners of the world, this Humanoid arm will be a substitute for those experts at their proximity. Albeit this modern tech-savvy world needs an expertized touch without distance being a major constraint. The fine precision in the finger movements are sensed by the Accelerometric sensor and flex sensor whose actions are replicated by servos. Myriad evolution in robotic surgery succeeding the pioneer PUMA 360, Medical assistance would be of user friendly robot with force prediction algorithm. Thus the implementation of this paper may push the boundaries of technologies still wider and bigger.


Humanoid Arm, Accelerometric Sensor, Flex Sensor, Force Prediction Algorithm

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