Knowledge of epilepsy among IInd year students of medical fraternity

Sudarshan Surendran, Maheswaran S, James Gonsalves, Prima J.J. D’Souza, Keerthana Balaji


Objectives: To test the awareness and knowledge regarding epilepsy among II year medical students.

Materials and methods: A questionnaire designed to test the knowledge levels of students regarding epilepsy was chosen and administered to students for collecting their responses. The questionnaire was distributed to II year MBBS students, who volunteered to participate in this study. The data collected was summarized to get the final picture of the level of awareness with respect to epilepsy among those students.

Results: It was seen that the students had a fair knowledge and awareness regarding epilepsy. Most of them did not believe that epilepsy was a spiritual or a blind belief. Most of them were aware of the scientific reason behind such a condition. Many had clear picture regarding the consequences of such epileptic attacks. Many of them agreed to it that the normal life would not be affected, even though care must be taken. Dealing with the problems during an epileptic attack, the patients are supposed to take of their working conditions and also be prepared for such situations. On a whole, the response from the students on the seven questions with varied aspects on epilepsy and the subdivisions under each of them were summarized. The level of awareness of these students have been summarized and presented in this report. The findings in the report also throw light on the scope of little improvement possible in some of the aspects of student’s knowledge and understanding.


: Student’s knowledge, epilepsy, awareness of students

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