Selection intensity and its opportunity among the Santal women of Keonjhar, Odisha, India

Subal Das, Binoy Kumar Kuiti, Kaushik Bose


Present study dealt with the opportunity of natural selection using Crow’s index and Johnston and Kensinger's Index among the Santal women’s of Keonjhar, Odisha, India. Mortality index (Im), Fertility index (If) and total selection intensity index (I) were analyzed among the studied population. The Crow’s total index (It) value was found to be 0.7246. The mortality (Im) component was found to be 0.5385 while the fertility (If) component was found to be 0.1846. The contribution of fertility component is greater than that of mortality component among the present studied population using Crow’s index. According to Johnston and Kesinger the total index (It) was found to be 0.8367. Where, fertility component was found to be 0.0885, Prenatal mortality component (Ime) and Postnatal mortality component (Ime/Pb) where observed to be 0.1356 and 0.1540. Therefore, it has been clear from the result that prenatal mortality contributes higher than that of postnatal mortality for selection. i.e., Johnston and Kesinger’s Index (0.8367) contributes higher for the opportunity of natural selection than Crow’s Index (0.7246).


Selection, fertility, mortality, tribe, prenatal, postnatal

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