The Protective Effects of Turmeric on Liver Enzymes of Metronidazole-Treated Adult Male Wistar Rats

Akudike C. J., Chukwu V. O., Ezejindu D. N., Ihim A. C.


Over the years, research works on the different liver enzymes has proven to be very helpful to man. This study evaluates the protective effects of turmeric on the liver enzymes of metronidazole-treated adult male wistar rats. With previous researches, metronidazole has been found to exert some negative effects on some organs of the body like the testis, kidney etc but the turmeric on its own part, has been found to have no side effects with a host of beneficial functions such as its anti-oxidant and antimicrobial effect amongst a host of other functions. In this study, twenty wistar rats with weight range of between 165-180g were assigned into four groups A, B, C and D of 5 each. The experimental groups A, B and C were orally administered 200mg of metronidazole, 400mg of metronidazole and 400mg of metronidazole as well as 400mg of turmeric respectively for duration of twenty-eight days while the group D served as control and were orally administered water and feed only. Twenty four hours after the last administration, the animals were anaesthetized under chloroform inhalation and dissected for organ collection. Blood for serum preparation was collected into sterile plain tubes and stored in the refrigerator for analysis. Serum samples from the bloods were analyzed for liver enzymes activities using randox kit method. The study revealed that turmeric helped reduced the effects of metronidazole on the serum activities of ALT, AST and ALP on the liver. This present study suggests that metronidazole could have negative effects on the liver and so advises that turmeric be added when on metronidazole administration.


Liver enzymes, Protective, Metronidazole, Turmeric, Serum

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