Implementation constraints and opportunities in developing expert system solutions for diagnosis of common diseases found in Taraba State

Aliyu Sani Ahmad


Digital age has reform decision making especially in medical field through information and communication technology which become inevitable part of our lives. this paper illustrates the implementation constraint that encompasses developing Fuzzy Expert System (FES) for diagnosis of common diseases usually found in Taraba State. The paper, shows how fuzzy expert works through four distinct phases. It is discovered that the ratio of doctors to patients and the ratio of hospitals to doctors in Taraba is too low. Different literature that discussed how expert systems for diagnosing various diseases were reviewed; Interview, clinical observation, asking question and internet services were used as methodology for accomplishing this paper.  Result were illustrated and finally conclusion was drowned which shows that e-medical solution for diagnosing disease would do well in Taraba because of the opportunities it offers but it loaded with challenges and implementation constraint.

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