The rare giant cell tumor of soft tissue An Indian perspective: Case report with review of the available Indian literature

Ananth Prabhu K., Saptarshi Paul


Primary giant cell tumors of soft tissue (GCT-ST) bearing a resemblance to giant cell tumors of bone, are rare but distinct entities, first described by Salm and Sissons in 1972, closely followed by Guccion and Enzinger.[1,2] The low malignant potential but high propensity of recurrence is well recognized. The tumor is very rare in India, with approximately ten cases having been reported. Here we report a case of a giant cell tumor of soft tissue in a 63 year old male that was managed by performing a wide excision.


giant cell tumor, histiocytoma, low malignant potential, mononuclear cells, multinucleated giant cells

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