Effectiveness of mulligan’s taping for the short term management of plantar heel pain – Randomised control trial

Sonal Subhash Agrawal, Mangala G. Deshpande


Introduction: Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common causes of plantar heel pain. Numerous nonsurgical interventions such as rest exercise & modalities focus on relieving the symptoms associated with plantar heel pain, however orthotics and taping techniques address the underlying problem of poor foot biomechanics. Till date there is scarcity of data investigating the acute effects of attempting to control the position and alignment of the calcaneus during weight bearing through the use of Mulligan’s taping.

Aim of study: To examine the effects of Mulligan’s taping on the symptoms of plantar heel pain

Methodology: Subjects (n= 30) were randomly assigned into 2 groups, A & B (15 subjects each). Group A (control group) received ultrasound, plantar fascia stretching & sham taping. Group B (experimental group) received ultrasound, plantar fascia stretching & Mulligan’s taping for plantar fasciitis.

Outcome measures: Visual analogue scale (VAS) for assessment of pain & Patient specific functional scale (PSFS) for assessment of functional activities. These were assessed pre & post one week of treatment.

Results: A significant difference was found post treatment among the groups for VAS (p=0.0265). A highly significant difference was found post treatment among the groups for PSFS (p= 0.0062). There were significant difference found between pre and post VAS & PSFS scores in both experimental & control group.

Conclusion: Mulligan’s taping is shown to be more effective tool for the relief of plantar heel pain than sham taping when given along with conventional physiotherapy.


Plantar fasciitis, calcaneal taping, poor foot biomechanics

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7439/ijbar.v6i7.2303

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