Histology of nonfluorosed and fluorosed bone An in vitro study

Nazam lakhani, Vandana K. L.


Aim: The literature on effect of fluoride on dental caries is well discussed in contrast to periodontal tissues. However a recent review has explored an epidemiological association between fluorosis and periodontal disease and also the influence of fluorosis on periodontal structures along with the comparison of influence of periodontal treatment on fluorosed and non fluorosed teeth. There is a scarcity in literature dealing with effect of fluorosis on biological tissues like bone. Alveolar bone which is an integral part of periodontium similar to extremities has not been studied for mechanical , histologic and mineral aspects of fluorosed bone. Hence the aim was to study the histology of fluorosed and nonfluorosed femoral bone .

Material and methods: A total of 24 healthy nonfluorosed and fluorosed bone (femur ) specimens were collected to assess and compare the histology of fluorosed versus non fluorosed bone using light microscope .

Results : Cellularity of cortical and cancellous bone was found to be statistically significant in nonfluorosed group (10.724.10 , 8.742.34 )when compared to fluorosed group (6.61 3.31 , 5.691.31) respectively .Trabacular density was same in both nonfluorosed and fluorosed bone [ statistically non significant , p= 0.615 ] .However trabeculae were thick in nonfluorosed bone and short and thin in fluorosed bone.

Conclusion : The observed histologic changes would influence the pathogenesis of periodontal disease and /or outcome of periodontal treatment. Dental fluorosis may soon be designated as environmental risk factor in endemic fluorosed area.


Dental fluorosis, periodontitis, histology, femoral bone

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