School Architecture for Autism Children

Sepideh Sharif Khajehpasha, Ebrahim Samin Sharifi M, Hadi Arezoumand, Kamal Saeidi M


Lately many researches have done in relation to the link between architecture and autism or the autism likely environments which show that architecture could be effective in the states of the children suffering from autism disorders. The education center for the autism children need special spaces for education and treatment. Surveys in many Asian countries show that most of the care centers of the children suffering from autism are created by the changing the use of the spaces like houses or are created by adding some temporary walls to the spaces in spite of that the surveys show that environment affect treatment of these children. So, it is tried in this study to concentrate accurately on the autism child and also study the designing process of the elite educational spaces in the world. Then we will try to reach a suitable algorithm special for these children. The data gathering tools for this study are questionnaire, interview and close and direct contact with the autism children and interviewing their parents and related responsible people in different environments like rehabilitation centers for the autism children dependent to the Welfare Organization. In addition using questionnaire was for recording the behavior, movements and child relations with the people around. And when the identification stage of the research audience (the Autism child) ends it is tried finally to present suitable spatial and physical ideas for designing the educational spaces and to achieve health specially creativeness.


Architecture, Autism child, Designing pattern, Educational space

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