A Clinical Study of Oral Malignancies in Rural Set Up

Yashwant L. Durge, Megha A. Kawale, Vijay Potey


Aim and Objectives: Aim of the present research was to study the epidemiologic profile, risk factors, different surgical approaches, post operative complications and surgical outcome of oral cancer in rural set up.

Methods: We conducted a clinical study of 30 histopathologically confirmed cases of oral cancer in tertiary care hospital, over a period of 23 months from December 2012 to October 2014. Data were collected and analyzed using SPSS computer software version 17.0 and Graph Pad Prism 5.0.

Results: Mean age of the patients was 55.46 years, ranging from 32-80 years; malignancy of oral cavity was common in males (60%) with a male: female ratio of 3:2. 20 (66.66%) oral cancer patients had risk habits, 33.33% were habituated for tobacco chewing and 20% for smoking and alcohol, moreover 6.67% were having addiction of smoking, alcohol and tobacco chewing and 6.67% were having addiction of smoking. Buccal mucosa was the commonest site of lesions (50%) followed by tongue (30%) and then lips (13.33). Wide local excision with modified radical neck dissection (50%) was most common surgical procedure done, followed by Hemiglossectomy with modified radical neck dissection (26.67%). Stitch infection was common early post operative complication while marginal flap necrosis was most common complication after reconstruction with PMMC flap. During follow up, 2 patient died mortality of patient was due to poor general condition and old age.

Conclusion: The malignancy of oral cavity was higher among elderly males predominantly with risk habits of tobacco consumption, also with increasing incidence in females. A surgical excision with wide margins and appropriate reconstruction is necessary to optimize the disease and functional outcome.


Epidemiologic profile, Risk factors, Histopathology, Hemiglossectomy, PMMC flap

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