Comparison of muscle strength and endurance of the distal skeletal muscles of the upper limb in patients with COPD with age and gender matched healthy control

Dr. Rashmi Ronghe, Dr.Neha Gotmare


Background: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways and lung parenchyma associated with airway narrowing, alveolar wall destruction and systemic hypoxaemia. There is dysfunction of peripheral skeletal muscles on exercise capacity in patients with COPD was first suggested by Killian & coworkers.

Objective: To compare strength and endurance using dynamometer in normal and COPD patients.

Method: Cross sectional, comparative, convenient sampling-50 COPD & 50 control. Inclusion: Age 40-70 years, both genders. Exclusion: any musculoskeletal, cardio-respiratory, and neurological diseases. Patient’s referred from respiratory OPD, diagnosed and PFT done. Strength testing done with subject holding dynamometer in dominant hand in sitting position with arm by the side. Elbow flexed to 90O. Handgrip muscle strength was recorded in kgs as indicated by the pointer on dynamometer i.e. maximum deflection. 3 recordings with gap of 2 min. taken and maximum value noted.

The endurance was measured by asking the subject to maintain their grip on the dynamometer at 1/3 rd of their max strength. The duration for which they maintained the grip strength was noted in seconds. 2 recordings with a gap of 5 min. taken maximum value were noted. Data collected and statistical analysis done.

Result: The strength and endurance was significantly reduced in COPD patients i.e. the strength was 14.88±4.448kg as compared to normal 22.0+4.354kg. Endurance was 22.56+10.94sec. in COPD as compared to 48.74±15.700 sec. in normals

Conclusion: The study concluded that there is significant reduction in handgrip strength and handgrip endurance in COPD patients as compared to age and gender matched normal subjects.


COPD, hand dynamometer

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