Prevalence, Risk factors and current prospectus of treatment management of hypertension including obese patients in Jessore, Bangladesh

Samiron Sana, Sadiur Rahman Sajon, Sohel Rana, Debashish Mondol, Protic Jodder, Md. Abdul Kader


Background/Objectives: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the most concerning disease in health sectors, whole over the world. Some environmental parameters and physical condition affect on the cardiac health. We therefore observed a cross sectional study of cardiac health condition and analysis to effect risks factors study.

Methods: This cross sectional study was performed on hypertensive patients with their treatment managements. Study area, study population & sample and data collection were well performed by informative questionnaires. Significance of variants data was analyzed considering p<0.05 by SPSS software.

Results: This estimated hypertensive patients data was 25.4% female and 74.6% male. 36 to 50 years holdings patients was to be highest, containing 43.8% and their systolic pressure (Mean SD) was 143.1510.51. Age depending Odds Ratio [confidence interval] for 60 up age patients was 1.996[0.756 - 5.269]. Consideration of BMI index the Odds Ratio (confidence interval) of obese patients was 6.258(2.595 - 15.088). Most choice of treatment managements of hypertensive patients was angiotensine receptor blockers. With hypertension some cardiovascular complication were to be occurred , in these condition some combination drugs were to be referred, most choice of drugs was angiotensine receptor blockers and diuretics combination preparation.

Conclusion: Population based cross sectional study in Jessore region was to be estimated cardiovascular diseases and screen out informative knowledge of hypertensive risk factors.


Hypertension, Risk issues, Treatment management, Obesity

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