Estimation of stature from hand length and foot length in Nagpur region of Maharashtra State

Anil Sahebrao Pungle, Prashant Munjamkar


Aim and Objectives: Stature (body height) is an important and useful anthropometric parameter for identification of an individual. The present study was undertaken to set up a standard formulae to estimate stature from hand length and foot length in medical students of Nagpur region of Maharashtra state.

Method: Four hundred healthy and normal adult medical students comprising of 200 males and 200 females in 18-25 years age group were included in the study. The hand length and foot length were measured independently on left and right side of each individual using a Sliding caliper and spreading calipers respectively. Stature of individuals was measured with the help of a Stadiometer.

Results: The paired sample t test showed that the statistical difference between males and females on both sides was highly significant for all the measurements (p < 0.0001). The correlation between stature and various parameters studied in both the sexes were found to be positive and statistically highly significant (p < 0.0001). The correlation coefficient of foot length in both males and females together depicts higher correlation with stature than hand length with highest correlation coefficient 0.87. The correlation between stature and hand length as well as stature and foot length was higher in females than males. Linear and multiple regression equations for stature estimation were calculated separately for males and females as well as for both sexes together.

Conclusion: The significant positive correlations between the explanatory variables and stature indicate that these variables can be successfully used to predict stature.


Hand length, Foot length, Stature, Sliding callipers, Spreading callipers, Stadiometer, Correlation coefficient

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