Some Classic Formulation used by the Native Practitioners of South Tripura District, Tripura, North-East India

Anupam Chowdhury, Susanta Banda, Sumanta Chakraborty, Soumen Bhattacharjee, Chiranjib Bhattacharjee, Lokesh Deb


This article highlights some classic formulations used by the traditional practitioners of Bangalee community in Belonia bio – region of South Tripura district for the treatment of various ailments. A field survey revealed nine classic formulations those are important folklore medicines for various ailments, where 23 different plants species and five organic and inorganic entities have identified those used as components for nine formulations and two species of plants Citrus limon Linn, Azadirachta indica (A). Juss recorded in more than one formulation. The name and address of traditional practitioners, the composition of formulations, disease, sign and syndrome have detailed in this article. Apart from traditional knowledge few traditional mindset on ghost action, restriction for pregnant women has also documented. With the advent of the modern exotic culture and the parallel development of modern or allopathic medicines, the rich Indian traditional system of health care practices have sidelined and neglected.  Resultantly, the village-based wisdom of the traditional system of health care practices has not seriously referred, not well documented and conveyed properly over generations. With this background, our survey on Tripura traditional medicine (TTM) may help in the discovery of safe, natural remedy for some dreaded ailments and sustainable development of ethno-medicinal bioresources. 

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