Assessment of the efficacy of dexamethasone, lignocaine or placebo in the prevention of post intubation sore throat

Mohideen Abdul Kadar


Objective:To assess the incidence of sore throat and hoarseness caused by endotracheal intubation.To observe if lignocaine or dexamethasone throat spray would alter the incidence of sore throat

Materials and methods: Adult patients of either sex who underwent general anaesthesia with endotracheal intubation were included in this randomised double blind study. Three hundred patients who had general anaesthesia with endotracheal intubation were randomly allocated into three groups – Group A, Group B and Group C following block randomisation. Nature of the study was explained to the patient and verbal consent obtained. Group A – 2ml of dexamethasone (8mg) was sprayed Group B – 2ml of 4% lignocaine was sprayed in this group.Group C – 2ml of normal saline was used in this group.Postoperatively between 12-24 hours patients were invited to find out if any sore throat or hoarseness of voice was present. Verbal analogue scoring system was used.

Results:Postoperatively sore throat was present in 26% in group A, 33% in group B and 28% in group C. Hoarseness was present in 20% in group A, 23% in group B and 18% in group C. Sore throat and hoarseness were present in 37% in group A, 45% in group B and 39% in group C.

Conclusion: Neither dexamethasone nor lignocaine throat spray were useful in reducing postoperative sore throat and hoarseness.


intubation,sorethroat,local anaesthesia

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