Present study was done to assess the prevalence of dry eye among patients attending Out patient department of Ophthalmology at Ascoms Hospital,Jammu.

Deepti Kumari



AIM: Present  study was done to assess the prevalence of dry eye among patients attending Out patient department of Ophthalmology at Ascoms Hospital,Jammu.

METHOD: This  hospital based randomized prospective study was done on 100 eyes to assess the prevalence of dry eyes among the patients attending outpatient department of ophthalmology at ascoms hospital jammu  with complaints of dry eye symptoms like dryness ,grittiness, burning, heaviness, watering, ocular fatigue, photophobia

Schirmers test-1 (without anesthesia)<15mm at 5 minutes in atleast one eye and tear film break up time <10 seconds.

RESULTS: Mean age of study population was 55.16 years. .Dryness was observed among 41.25% of patients followed  by watering which was seen in 26.25% of patients.1 patient(1.25%) had filaments on cornea. 53.75% of patients had schirmer test value between 10-5 and 15% patients had value less than 5. 62.5% of female population had TFBUT less than 10 seconds.

The overall Prevalance of dry eye was 80% among study population.It was maximum in elderly population of >60 years with prevalance of 65%.The overall prevalence of dry eye among elderly male was 22.5% and among elderly female was 42.5%.

CONCLUSION:  The overall Prevalance of dry eye  in our study population was 80% It was maximum in elderly population of >60 years with prevalance of 65% and prevalence of 28.75% was seen among diabetic patients.

Key words: Dry eye, Schirmer test, tear film break up time





dry eye,schirmer test,tear film break up time

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