Comparative study of fine needle aspiration cytology, trucut biopsy and final histopathological examination in breast lumps

Ajitha M B, Vinod Babu B, Avinash Chandra Singh


Background: A lump in the breast results in anxiety for the patient and her family whether benign or malignant. Histological tissue diagnosis is a universally accepted means of definitive diagnosis of a breast lump. FNAC gives a rapid diagnosis and can be carried out in outpatient services with minimal trauma. Hence FNAC is gaining wide acceptance. Trucut biopsy is a safe method for a histological diagnosis, in operable breast cancer cases and a reliable technique to assess hormone receptor status. The trucut needle is a very handy instrument and it is now replacing the incision or excision biopsy.

Aim: To find out the diagnostic accuracy of FNAC and trucut biopsy as compared to the final histopathological report in breast lumps. To compare diagnostic accuracy of FNAC and trucut biopsy in differentiating the benign and malignant lesions of palpable breast lumps.

Methodology: This is a prospective study which included 70 patients having breast lump were subjected to FNAC and Trucut biopsy in Victoria hospital, Bangalore between October1, 2015 to September30, 2016 and were compared to final tissue diagnosis after subsequent admission and treatment. Various factors like age, size, duration, marital status, menstrual status and site were studied during statistical analysis.

Results: There were 70 patients who presented with breast lump during the study period. Out of a total 70 breast lump study, final diagnosis was 36 benign breast lump and 34 malignant breast lumps. Sensitivity of FNAC and TRUCUT biopsy were 86.84% and 97.14% respectively. While TRUCUT was more accurate when compared to FNAC.


FNAC, Trucut biopsy, breast lump, breast malignancy

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