Ultrasound assessment of renal volume in healthy, pregnant women of central India-its correlation with body mass index, parity and gestational age.

Vijaya Rajesh Kamble, Sarika Kohar


Objective: Renal volume changes occurs due to varied physiological changes, especially in the kidneys of pregnant women. For the identification and monitoring of renal disease , renal size is an important factor. No established data is available in the literature for the sonographical nomogram of renal volume in the normal pregnant women in Indian population.
To sonographically establish the nomogram of renal volume in the normal healthy pregnant women in central India population.
Methods: Renal dimensions including length, width and thickness were measured using ultrasound in 501 normal, healthy pregnant women (mean age:24.7 years).Renal volume was calculated by using the formula volume=length x width x breadth/2. Every pregnant womens age, weight, height and body mass index were recorded. Gestational age and parity were acquired. The correlations between the variables were estimated.
Results: A total of 501 normal pregnant women of age ranging from 18 to 38 years with a mean age of 24.7 years took part in the study. Parity ranged from 0 to 4.Body mass index ranged from 13.39 to 36.89. Gestational age ranged from 4 weeks to 40 weeks. The mean renal volume was 104.23 cm3 +_28.18 for left kidney and 105.77 cm3 +/-27.29 for the right kidney with significant positive linear relationship between right renal volume and left renal volume (P value = 0.00).
No significant positive linear relationship was observed between the gestational age and either of the kidney volume. Also no significant difference between mean right kidney volume across different parity(P value=0.05) and mean left kidney volume across different parity(P value=0.18) was noted.
Conclusion: This study provides data for normal sonographic renal volumes in healthy pregnant women of central India.


Pregnant women, renal volume, sonography, Body mass index, parity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7439/ijbr.v8i3.3919


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