Knowledge, attitude and practices towards biomedical waste management among health care professionals, private practitioners and post graduate students in Davangere City, Karnataka, India

Ipshita Potlia, P G Naveen Kumar, Prashant G M, Sushanth V H, Mohamed Imranulla, Rubel M, Swati Mallick


Introduction: Hospitals are the centers of cure and also of infectious waste generation. Improper waste management can be a threat to public health and environment. Staff that provide healthcare ought to be aware of the proper handling and the system of management.

Aim: The aim of the study was to determine knowledge, attitude and practices towards BioMedical Waste (BMW) management among health care professionals, private practitioners and post graduate students in davangere, karnataka.

Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted using a questionnaire with closed-ended questions. It was distributed to 458 health care workers including dental and medical post graduates, staff and private practioners. The questionnaire was used to assess their knowledge of biomedical waste disposal. The results were expressed as a number and percentage of respondents for each question. Descriptive tests and Chi square tests were used to perform the statistical analysis.

Results: Around 540 questionnaires were distributed of which 458 were returned and analyzed. It was seen that though 91.70% of the participants were aware of the BMW generation and legislation however over 60% were still unaware regarding the correct color coding system. About 13.6% of participants were not vaccinated for HBV infection and only 65.9% of the study subjects were correctly able to identify the symbol for biohazard.

Conclusion: It can be concluded from the present study that proper training and education regarding the BMW management is a must and needs to start at a much earlier level during the graduation of the healthcare workers so that it can be put into practice at the earliest.


Biomedical waste, dental practitioners, post- graduates, davangere.

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