To study the awareness level and psycho-social impact of Tuberculosis on a Patient's life

Sushant Shekhar Katiyar, Ajay Kumar Verma, Kanchan Srivastava, Surya Kant


Background: Tuberculosis (TB) is a major health problem worldwide, not only because of current cases of active disease and emergence of drug resistant TB (DR-TB) but also because of the threat of latency and co infection with HIV. The major reason behind this is the lack of proper knowledge about the disease among patients and people in general. They are unaware about adhering to the treatment, mode of transmission of the disease and as such are prone to transmit it to others. Lack of knowledge about treatment plan leads to relapse. An important aspect of TB is its socio-psychological effect on the patient.

Methods: The work set-up was a prospective questionnaire based study from Feb 2016 to July 2016 conducted by third year undergraduate medical students in TB patients registered under RNTCP center of defined King Georgs Medical University, UP, Lucknow (KGMU-RNTCP) for directly Observed treatment short course regimen (DOTS). This study was carried out on 150 TB patients. The rationale of our work was to understand the level of awareness about TB disease.

Results: The study results clearly show that a large number of patients suffering from TB dont have knowledge about its etiology, mode of transmission, methods of prevention. Many patients have reported considerable decrease in their social life and many have received negative treatment from friends and society. Majority of patients are getting full support and cooperation of the family but few patients claim of ill treatment by family members.

Conclusion: Awareness programs and psychological workshops can be organized to give proper knowledge about the disease to the patients and attendants and the nature of treatment so as to remove fear, misconceptions about TB and minimize relapse cases.


Tuberculosis, RNTCP, Social life, Drug-resistance, Mode of transmission

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