Role of sirolimus topical application in recalcitrant cases of vernal keratoconjuctivitis

Dhan Singh Meena, Mahendra Kumar Meena, Vijay Gupta


Aim: To study the role of sirolimus topical application (0.03% and 0>1% concentration) in recalcitrant cases of vernal keratoconjuctivitis in the region of Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Materials & Methods: After patient selection of suspected vernal keratoconjuctivitis sociodemographic data risk factors and clinical symptoms were recorded. Ophthalmic examination was performed including records details of symptoms, drugs used, visual acuity, intraocular pressure measurement slit lamp examination. Patients categorized according symptoms and prepared sirolimus eye drop prescribed to patient in two groups and follow up done in every 15 day for 3 month

Results: Male preponderance was seen in the ratio 3.17:1. 68% cases were students followed by 20% cases involved in outdoor activity. All the cases were bilateral and most of seen in the summer month of April-June i.e. 42%. 100% improvement in itching, redness, watering, ropy discharge, photophobia and in corneal involvement than conjunctival hyperemia, papillary hypertrophy, gelatinous ring around limbus and cobblestone lesion have less improvement. 0.1% sirolimus e/d have faster action than 0.03%

Conclusion: Sirolimus eye drop is effective and sare therapy for recalcitrant cases of vernal keratoconjunctivitis. Both concentrations of sirolimus are effective and safe but 0.1% has faster action than 0.03%. Higher concentration (0.1%) used in severe cases for 30 days followed by lower concentration (0.03%). Sirolimus eye drop is alternate of steroid drop for long term use.


vernal keratoconjunctivitis, Sirolimus, topical, recalcitrant cases

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