Cyto-histopathological and clinical evaluation of neoplastic lesions of skin: A pathologist’s perspective

Pooja Chauhan, Kavita Mardi, Neelam Gupta, Anita Negi, Ganga Sharma


Aim: To evaluate the efficacy and diagnostic accuracy of various cytological techniques in evaluation of neoplastic lesions of skin.

Materials and methods: Fine needle aspiration cytology of lesions with clinical suspicion of neoplasia. Giemsa stainining of cytology smears. Biopsy of lesions where possible. 

Result: 24 patients (indoor/outdoor) with clinical diagnosis of neoplastic skin lesions were subjected to cytological examination and biopsy. Aspiration was inadequate in 2 cases. Sensitivity, specificity, diagnostic accuracy of cytological evaluation of neoplastic skin lesions were 91.67%, 100%, 97.44% respectively.

Conclusion: Cytological examination is a very simple and useful modality, requires minimum equipments and can be performed in outpatient clinic. The procedure is safe, free from complications and is well tolerated by patients.


cytology, neoplastic lesion, skin

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