Retracted: Saliva: A systematic review on its diagnostic utility

Neeharika Mortha, Divya Uppala, Nandita Kothia, Sumit Majumdar, Kodati Sravya


Introduction: A paradigm shift in recent years has led to the consideration of the oral cavity (and, thus, oral disease) not in isolation but as a component integrated with systemic physiology, important in maintaining systemic health and reflective of systemic disease. Saliva has been studied extensively as a potential diagnostic tool over the last decade due to its ease and non-invasive accessibility along with its abundance of biomarkers.

Aim & Objective: This is a systematic review of the studies published in past 15 years in electronic databases regarding the utility of saliva as a diagnostic tool

Materials & Methods: Data collection from electronic databases, followed by data extraction and management.

Results & Conclusion: Of 85 studies considered among 510, represent the evolution of saliva in screening neoplasm, with 34 different analytes detected in this population followed by 22 in metablic disorders and the least being in systemic disorders. Most abundantly applied technique being ELISA, common analyte being Immunoglobulins. The application of high throughput proteomic techniques in various studies in the past decade has led to the discovery of new biomarkers.



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