Imbalances of both systolic and diastolic hypertension is implicated by a series of causative agents, a cross-sectional health survey

Rupom Mitra, A.T.M. Towfique Hasan Towhid, Md. Habibur Rahman, Md. Al Amin, Debendra Nath Roy


Background and Objectives: Hypertension (HTN) or high blood pressure is a chronic medical condition in which the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated. Blood pressure is summarized by two measurements, systolic and diastolic, which depend on whether the heart muscle is contracting (systole) or relaxed between beats (diastole). Our survey based study is carried out to estimate the current consequences of HTN among the populations of southern cities in Bangladesh.

Methods: We have conducted our research in context on population’s age, gender, family history, addictive probability with type of drug habit, age of onset of respondents. We have compared systolic value with diastolic regarding these parameters by the help of self-designed standard questionnaire relevant with hypertension by manual data collection over six month’s period. Total 350 subject respondents were investigated by majorly visiting at their home, work places and hospitals. Descriptive statistics were applied to the collected data and analyzed using Microsoft Excel software.

Results: 52.8% was male respondents and 47.8% was female of which 27.3% was the age range 56-65 years and another top most 23.4% was 46-55 years old. 90-100 mm/Hg diastolic value was noticed for 84.9% participants whereas 101-110mm/Hg was for remaining 9.3%. On the other hand, 140-150 and 151-160mm/Hg systolic pressure measured for 36.1% and 26.8% patients. Although 43.4% respondents answered yes in question for conveying hypertension from their family history but 56.6% was not at all. Narcotics substances immensely do impact in high blood pressure pathogenesis as it has showed almost 54.63% users among them betel & tobacco are experienced at least 71% following for smoking 29%. However, 68% betel & tobacco consumers had diastolic pressure 90-100 mm/Hg and 140-150 mm/Hg systolic value was measured for 37% betel and tobacco addicts followed by 26% chain smokers persist systolic pressure 151-160 mm/Hg range. Interestingly the maximum numbers of 32.2% peoples was first affected by hypertension in their age 36-45 years and 24.9% was the age range of 46-55 in second position.

Conclusion: Hypertension is a major public health problem and it is diagnosed on the basis of a persistent high blood pressure. Unfortunately, the tendency to start hypertension in young age is increasing day by day. Everybody should be very conscious about this severe health issue to give up all kind of habit forming narcotic agents.


Hypertension, Health, Systolic, Diastolic

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