Clinical Profile of H1N1 Influenza Patients in a Tertiary Hospital in South India

Archana Bhat, Kavina M Fernandes


To study the clinical profile , course of H1N1 influenza cases hospitalized in a tertiary hospital in South india and to study the outcome in these patients. A total of 26 cases were studied retrospectively during aperiod of 18 months from Jan 2016 to August 2017 . Real -time - reverse transcriptase - polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) testing was used to confirm infection. The demographic , clinical and laboratory data of 26 (RT-PCR) H1N1 cases were collected and analsyed usinf Fischer' exact t test between survivors and nonsurvivors to know thier significance.This study was approved by the institutional research and ethics committee.A total of 26 confirmed cases were studied with maximum cases seen in the month of July.The mean age of affected population was 46 years. Females (65.4%) were affected more than males(34.6%). Diabetes mellitus was the most common comorbid illness.Fever , cough and breathlessness are the common presenting symptoms. 57.7% required ICU.23.1% required vasopressors.Mechanical ventilation was required in 53.8% cases The presence of thrombocytopenia (p-0.025) use of vasopressors (p value-0.000)ICU admission (p- 0.017) and mechanical ventilation (p value-0.010) were poor prognostic factors. The mortality in our study was 23.1%


H1N1 influenza , clinical profile, outcome

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