The study of association of serum parathyroid hormone level with obesity in subjects admitted to a tertiary care centre

Vishnu K, Indumathi Shankaraiah, Harishkiran N.E


Objectives: Obesity has become an ever growing problem of epidemic proportions. Recent researches in this field suggested a possible association of high serum parathyroid hormone level and low vitamin D level with obesity and metabolic syndrome. This study was conducted in Mysore Medical College, Mysore to evaluate association of obesity with high serum PTH level in obese individuals.

Methods: The study was conducted on 100 obese subjects admitted to medical wards who met the required criteria. Subjects were divided into different categories based on anthropometric measurements. Serum parathyroid hormone level was estimated in each group based on early morning sample drawn.

Results: Among 100 subjects studied, 52 were females and 48 were males. Subjects with grade 1 obesity had mean S.PTH value of 54.5pg/ml which was within normal population limit (8.9-82.4). Mean serum PTH in subjects of grade 2 obesity was 77.305, towards the upper limit of normal level (fourth quartile). Among patients with grade 3 obesity, serum PTH level was high with a mean value of 116.42 pg/ml. Pearson’s coefficient of analysis for association of S.PTH with waist circumference was 0.652 (less than 1). There was significant positive correlation for level of S.PTH with waist hip ratio (coefficient of correlation 0.530) These findings were statistically significant with a P value < 0.001.

Conclusion: The study shows that there is a significant association of high serum parathyroid hormone level with BMI. This association was most significant among subjects with morbid obesity. Analysis based on waist circumference and waist hip ratio also showed a positive correlation.


Body mass index (BMI), Serum parathyroid hormone (PTH), waist hip ratio, waist circumference.

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