SDS/poly(alanine) Modified Carbon Paste Electrode based Voltammetric Sensors for the Detection of Norfloxacin

Ramya kumari C T


Electrochemical oxidation of norfloxacin (NX) at SDS/poly(alanine) film-modified carbon paste electrode (SPAMCPE) was studied by voltammetric technique in 0.2 M acetate buffer solution at pH 4.2. The modified electrode exhibited strong promoting effect and stability towards the detection of norfloxacin. From the studies of scan rate effect the overall electrode process was found to be adsorption controlled. The concentration effect reveals that the detection limit and quantification limit of norfloxacin were 6.681×10-8 M and 2.227×10-7 M respectively. The effect of pH suggested that equal number of protons and electrons were involved in the electrochemical oxidation of norfloxacin. The presence of SDS on the poly(alanine) film-modified carbon paste electrode showed excellent electrocatalytic effect towards the detection of norfloxacin.


Norfloxacin, Alanine, sodium dodecyl sulfate, Carbon paste electrode, Electropolymerization, Cyclic voltammetry, Differntial pulse voltammetry


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