Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical Evaluation and in silico lead finding of Ficus bengalensis Linn with hepatoprotective potentials

Ramesh Patel, Parjanya Kumar Shukla, Mahendra Pratap Singh


Present communication deals with the study of Pharmacognostical, phytochemical screening and antihepatotoxic activity prediction of compounds isolated from Ficus bengalensis Linn in order to search lead compound. Dried leaves and bark powder material was used for determination of ash value, extractive value, and phytochemical constituents. Twelve compounds from the whole plant of Ficus bengalensis were subjected to molecular properties prediction and drug-likeness by Lipinski rule of five & Molinspiration software.

Phytochemical screening proved the presence of chemical constituent like tannins, alkaloids, proteins, starch, flavanoids, and glycoside. 9 compounds of the plant fulfill the requirements of Drug likeness were taken for biological activity calculation with the help of Molinspiration software and compared with standard drug Silibinin. On comparision of compounds with silibinin, Friedelin, ? - sitosterol, 3,5,7-trimethyl ether of delphinidin-3-O-?-L rhamnoside, 3,5 dimethyl ether of leucocynaidin-3-O-?-D-glactosylcellobioside and 20-tetratriacontene-2-one fullfill Lipinski rule of five & showed good bioactivity score than Silibinin.

Out of 12 compounds Friedelin, ?-sitosterol and 5 dimethyl ether of leucocynaidin-3-O-?-D-glactosylcellobioside showed good bioactivity score as compared to Silibinin. So these compound can be considered as lead compounds with hepatoprotective activity from Ficus bengalensis.

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