Recent advances in bone marrow transplantation in the treatment of leukemia

Arshiya Tabbasum, Asif Rasheed, Maryam Fatima


Bone marrow is a greasy, vascular tissue that fills most bone depressions and is outcome of red blood cells (RBC) and white blood cells (WBC). Blood diseases, regenerative treatment, autoimmune diseases, repairing brain damage haematological clutters can be readily treated by bone marrow transplantation. There are two major types of bone marrow transplants. The type used will depend on the reason you need a transplant they are: Autologous transplants, Allogenic transplants. Autologous transplants include the utilization of a man's own foundational microorganisms. Lessened power transplants are done on an inpatient or outpatient premise contingent upon the treatment arrange. Bone marrow transplant is needed to cure Aplastic fraility, leukemia, lymphoma, mylenoma, autoimmune diseases, acquired metabolic diseases, hodgkin disease and sickle cell anemia.The following diseases are the one of the most benefit treated from bone marrow transplant: Leukaemias, Severe aplastic anaemia, Lymphomas, Multiple myeloma Immune deficiency disorders. Recent advances in treatment of leukemia other than bone marrow transplantation includes treatment of Some solid tumour cancers bone marrow transplants without using chemotherapy The chemotherapy and radiation used for transplant damage DNA and can cause both immediate problems and long-term damage to many tissues in the body. Using antibodies such as Attaching the antibody to c-kit resulted in depletion of blood stem cells in immune-deficient miceT-cell depletion, By increasing the number of T cells given in each treatment in a controlled manner, they hope to identify desired effect on leukaemia cells without causing significant graft-versus-host disease, Engineered t- cell to train a patients T-cells to recognize and kill cancer cells, reduced-intensity conditioning regimens which are better tolerated because they utilize lower doses of chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy and recently innovated therapy is invivo imaging using bioluminescence which is a tool for probing graft-versus-host disease


Autoimmune disease, Leukaemia, Allogenic, Lymphomas, Bioluminescence

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