A review on Terminalia chebula

Shaik Jilani Basha, V. Jayashankar Reddy, Sudha Rani Y, Koshma M, Hanumanthu G, S. Dadakhalandar


Terminalia chebula Retz (Combretaceae) is a medicinal plant widely distributed throughout India, Buma, and Srilanka. Many Indian plants have been used from time immemorial to treat various diseases and infections in traditional medicinal systems. This plant commonly used in traditional systems of medicinal in India sub-constituent. Terminalia chebula is called as King of medicine in Tibet and is always listed at the top of the list in Ayurvedic material medica due to its extraordinary power of healing. This review attempts to summarize the various pharmacological and biochemical studies on Terminalia chebula which gives a wide knowledge about the herb and their importance in personal health care and hygiene.


Terminalia chebula, tri-terpinoids, anti-cancer activity, carcinogenic

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7439/ijpr.v7i10.4431

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