Ovulatory Effect of Aloe Barbadensis Mill in Mature New Zealand Rabbit Does

Revathy Saravanan, V. Bavani


Background: Ovulatory failure in females being the cause in 20-30% of infertility, the inability to conceive naturally or to carry out a pregnancy to full term or to deliver a healthy baby after trying for 1 year. Availability of ovulation inducing medicines and assisted reproductive technologies does not answer enough solution leading to search for new avenues in alternative therapies. Ovulatory effects of the Aloe Vera Gel extract (AVG) from Aloe Barbadensis Mill have been demonstrated in Letrozole induced PCOD rat models. Hence this study to assess the ovulatory effect of AVG extract using increase in parabasal cells in vaginal smear as the indirect indicator using mature female rabbits is planned.

Methodology: With the approval of Institutional Research and Animal ethics committee six mature non pregnant rabbit does weighing 2-2.5 kg showing ovulatory failure in each group received saline as control or AVG extract only 150mg/kg orally for 28 days or followed by hCG 120 I.U I.V on 29th day or only hCG. Leishman stained vaginal smears taken on 0day, 1st week, 4th week and 6th week for first 3 groups and 48, 72 and 120 Hours after hCG for IVth group were examined for superficial and parabasal cells under 100x magnification. The data was analyzed with two way ANOVA and Bon-ferrani tests for statistical significance of p value <0.05.

Results: Statistically significant decrease in superficial cells percentage (p-<0.001) and proportionate increase in parabasal cells percentages (p-<0.001) were observed in does received aloe vera alone and also hCG on 4th & 6th week and 72 Hours after receiving only HCG.(P-value of < 0.01).

Conclusion: AVG of 150mg/kg /day for 28 days has shown ovulatory effect like HCG. Further studies supported by hormonal assays and HPE or USG for confirmation is suggested.


infertility,ovulatory effect of Aloevera gel

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