5 Butterfly Pose Benefits – Embrace The Transformative Power


Yoga is the reunion or integration of body and mind toward mental and physical, well-being. It satisfies the spiritual and emotional needs of one’s psyche.

The Butterfly pose is a popular asana among yoga practitioners as it has innumerable health benefits.

It relaxes the muscles and body and makes you carefree. It helps women to improve their reproductive health.

Practicing butterfly poses during pregnancy has proven effective for the normalcy of childbirth.

Instruction To Do Butterfly Pose

This asana is called a butterfly pose as the practitioner takes the posture that appears to be a butterfly.

Both the feet will be tucked close to the pelvis area and the hands clutched tight.

Instruction To Do Butterfly Pose

Here is how we should practice the butterfly pose.

✔ Sit on a yoga mat or smooth surface with keeping the spine straight. 

✔ Knees can be bent towards the pelvis to touch the soles of the feet each other. 

✔ Tightly hold your feet with your hands. You can also place your hand beneath the feet for grip. 

✔ Try to move the heels as close as you can move toward the genitals. 

✔ Along with breathing in and breathing out, try to press the legs to the floor. 

✔ Now, legs can be flapped up and down like a butterfly. 

✔ Take normal breaths and adjust your flapping speed according to your comfort. Try to increase the speed as much as you can. 

✔ Now, you can relax by slowly pressing your elbows on your legs. Take deep breaths while relaxing. Relax your muscle slowly. 

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Butterfly Pose – Benefits

Regular practicing butterfly poses benefits us in many ways.

It helps in the betterment of the core body, muscles, spine, reproductive system, and mental health. It relaxes the body and soul and refreshes the individual.

Back Pain

The butterfly pose is effective for back pain as it engages the core body and lower back muscles. It stretches the body without administering much pressure.

Placing heels next to the pelvic region helps in the lengthening and strengthening of muscles associated with the spine.

Back pain after C-section can also be reduced by practicing the pose. 


You may practice the butterfly pose if you are not having a risky pregnancy. The butterfly pose stretches and strengthens your thighs, pelvic region, spine, knees, and legs.

It helps in the loosening of pelvic bones during pregnancy and eases childbirth. What makes the pose risk-free is doesn’t squeeze the abdominal area. 


The butterfly pose prevents any triggers that cause a migraine headache. It positively affects the hypothalamus to regulate hormone levels.

It also has psychological dimensions as it is a positive routine to be followed regularly. 

Keep You Flexible

The pose stretches your inner thighs, groins knees, groins, pelvic regions, and hips and keeps you flexible. Bending and kneeling won’t be a struggle even after your fifties. 


PCOS is a complicated condition affecting your reproductive health. Hormonal imbalance and obesity are counted as the critical factors that cause PCOS.

Butterfly pose can reduce the complications of PCOS by relaxing the individual, regulating hormone production, and promoting a positive orientation. 


The butterfly poses regulate proper digestion by improving the functions of the intestine. It also eases bowel movement by stretching and relaxing the abdominal area. 

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain may go chronic at times. Butterfly pose can have positive impacts on chronic pelvic pain as it helps with pelvic floor dysfunction.

By improving mindfulness and relaxation, the person can feel calm and relaxed. 

Reproductive Health

Butterfly Pose targets reproductive organs by boosting blood flow to the pelvic region.

The pose helps in opening hips, stretching inner thighs, and stimulating ovaries and prostate gland. Regular practice of butterfly poses enhances fertility. 

Menopause Symptoms

Menopause symptoms such as stress, depression, digestion problems, and joint pain can be relieved by practicing the butterfly pose.

It can also reduce fatigue that women may have during the pre as well as post-menopause days. 

Mental Health

People include butterfly poses in their yoga routines to elevate mental health. It is widely used for reducing depression and boosting mental calmness.

It is also proven effective for sleeping disorders and invoking a fresh wake-up in the morning. 

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