Cashew Butter vs Peanut Butter: Which Is Better?


All of the gym goers know the importance of peanut butter and how it can impossibly change your life. It becomes part of your diet and can help you gain weight in a healthy way. Those who want to get toned muscles also go for peanut butter. But have you heard of cashew butter? Of course, you have since it has become so popular with many dietitians advocating its benefits and usage.

This article will help you make the ultimate choice- Peanut butter or cashier butter. Which is it that can help you with your whole journey? Which should be preferred over the other? Read on to know what we find.

What are cashew butter and peanut butter?

This part of the article hardly needs an explanation. Butter that is often derived from cashews and peanuts is known to be their kind of butter.

cashew butter and peanut butter

Their making process is the same as the cashews or peanuts are roasted and then mixed into a concoction by adding oil and salt. In some cases, sugar and other additives are added which would not be healthy but tasty.

Additionally, these butters are then used as bread spreads or as ingredients to a smoothie. It is also often savored by fitness enthusiasts as a part of their pre and post-workout meals. In any case, these are readily chosen by anyone who is in dire need of protein and wants to keep their appetite at bay.

Since it is full of minerals along with healthy fats, there is no risk for it to develop cholesterol making it a healthier choice. But which one is the better among the two? The selection does seem like quite a pickle but we are here to find solutions for you.

Cashew butter vs. peanut butter: which is better?

Apparently, the debate has never existed since there has always been a clear winner-peanut butter. Now you may ask why the winner was so quickly declared but we are armed with enough proof. So without delay let’s look at the comparison-

1. Nutritional profile

Before delving into any other aspects we might want to retrace the health benefits we talked about. Peanut butter is often rich in proteins minerals and healthy fats but so are cashews. So what is the deciding factor?

The carbohydrate levels in cashews are much higher when compared to that of peanuts. This means while cashew butter could give all the goodness peanut does, it also harms you by increasing your carbohydrate intake.

This is especially a problem when you are on a diet and on the verge of losing considerable weight. Additionally eating peanut butter has been linked to great heart health, low cholesterol levels, and sugar levels as well. There has been no concrete proof to claim the same for cashew butter.

2. Protein powerhouse

Many presume that protein is for individuals who want to develop muscles and might want to flex a lot.  However, you should know this is not true. Protein keeps us full for longer periods which means it can help control our appetite.

This is especially useful when going through a weight loss diet. While cashew butter does have protein, peanut butter has supremacy when it comes to this area. With almost 80% of its components made of protein, we think cashew butter never stood a chance.

3. Fiber-rich

Fiber is another important ingredient needed to keep your body healthy. Not only does it prevent oxidization of free radicals but also inflammation. It plays a major role in digesting food products that are otherwise not easy to digest.

When this happens, your stomach could get upset and you might frequently look for alternates in food. This stops when you take a tablespoon full of peanut butter as it puts your stomach into action right away.

4. Gut microbiome support

We know how bacteria are found abundantly in the stomach. While cashews do very little to help them sustain, peanut butter makes sure they get a conducive environment to flourish and flower.

common Deferences Of cashew butter and peanut butter

  1. Affordability– Peanut butter is affordable when compared to cashew butter. This is primarily based on the market value of each spice which obviously is dominated by cashews. Therefore it might burn a hole in your pocket while peanut butter is pocket-friendly.
  2. Versatility– Let’s face it peanut butter tastes good with everything as it does on its own. However, the same cannot be said for cashew butter as it cannot be used in baking or cooking some items. Peanut butter on the other hand just tastes better with everything oatmeal cookies, smoothies, shakes, and salads. Popularly used in sandwiches too, cashew butter cannot be an option in those cases.
  3. Availability– Peanut butter is easily available in the market whereas cashew butter might not find its way in some markets. This issue is mainly based on the availability of the product which is limited to certain parts of the world. In others, cashews might be a priced commodity and thus will not be readily available. 
  4. Texture– Peanut butter has a distinct texture that makes it a fine addition to many drinks as well as foods but cashew butter may not be able to provide that consistency making its use limited and unfavored.


Peanut butter and cashew butter both seemed like a good idea in the beginning. They are full of protein and can help us with weight loss immensely but there is a clear demarcation when it comes to the benefits. While peanut butter is a protein galore, cashew butter falls short and is known to have more carbohydrate content that may not be feasible for us.

Additionally, its scarcity can also be problematic as weight loss products should be easily accessible. However, there is one aspect that needs careful consideration- the allergy. Some people have severe allergies to peanuts and in that case, may want to replace it with cashew. But they should always be cautious about the amount they are consuming. 

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.

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