Foods That Cause Ear Wax: Can Your Diet Actually Affect Ear Wax Buildup?


Earwax is a common problem in humans that happens anytime at any age of life. Also, there are various reasons for wax being caused into the ear, either environmentally or by taking certain foods. Besides, this causes irritation and discomfort, along with creating hearing problems.  

It is easy to observe that there are certain diets that adversely affect the production of wax in the ear and trigger the situation. So, maintaining your food intake is essential to stop the production of wax in your ear till recovery. However, if you are unaware of such foods and diet plans and want to know the best remedies and ways to remove excessive wax from your ear, then let’s explore this article.

What Do You Understand By Earwax And Why There Is Excessive Buildup?

Earwax is the essential component in a human’s ear that is responsible for its proper functioning. However, if you have excessive ear wax build-up, then it can be dangerous as you can suffer from various problems. There are various reasons for the production of earwax, and must be considered to have healthy hearing and eardrum. 

Foods That Are Responsible For Production Of Earwax

Some of the causes of earwax are the following-

  • You may have excessive production of earwax due to certain foods and beverages that cause wax buildup in the ear. 
  • Also, more wax in ears is caused due to aging and is mainly seen in older people. 
  • There are various wrong techniques of cleaning the ear, like pins and putting oil or water, that may cause more buildup. 

Symptoms To Identify If You Have Earwax

Ear wax appears as a yellowish part of the ear that is produced by the ear glands, which protect your ear from injury or external factors. Further, it helps trap dust, dirt, insects, and other particles and prevent them from reaching the eardrum. However, if the production increases, it can provide you with discomfort and show certain symptoms. Some symptoms are-

  • You may suffer from itching.
  • There can be mild pain, experience unusual sounds from the ear, or dizziness due to excessive buildup.
  • Also, you can go through hearing deficiency and blockage.
  • Besides, you might feel that your ears have been filled with many particles.

After knowing the causes and symptoms, let’s see some of the foods that are responsible for the production of earwax. 

Top Foods That Are Responsible For Production Of Earwax

Food is available with versatile options, and you must be eating all of them. However, if you are going to excessive earwax production, then there are certain things that can be avoided, as these can trigger the situation. So, some of the foods are-

1. Wholesome Foods

There are various wholesome foods like cereals, nuts, wheat, rye, barley, Seitan, and other gluten foods that adversely affect the buildup of wax in the ear. So, these foods must be avoided, and try to eat gluten-free foods such as fruits, green leafy vegetables, and other foods that lower the rate of earwax buildup. 

2. Milk Products

Along with gluten-rich food, dairy products or milk items are another reason for excessive wax buildup in the ear. This food, like milk, cheese, butter, yogurt, and other milk items, contains high amounts of calcium and can stimulate ceruminous glands to increase wax production. So, it must be avoided, and try to lower these foods and lower your chances of wax production quickly.

3. Snacks, Baked Products, And Spicy Foods

Snacks and baked products like cookies, muffins, brownies, desserts, or biscuits, along with various spicy foods, are high in fats and fiber. These high-fat diets increase the chances of inflammation in the body and are responsible for the secretion of excessive wax in the ear. So, this heavenly friend and oil foods must be avoided, and fewer calorie foods must be included to decrease the production of excessive wax. 

4. Pasta, Noodles, And Other Fatty Foods

Pasta, noodles, and other fatty foods like mutton, chicken, and others lead to an increase in inflammation and chances of infection within the ear and body. Also, it is a major cause of excessive production of ear wax and must be avoided at the early stage. So, avoid these foods and instead eat a healthy diet like nuts, seeds, and other healthy foods to balance the wax level within the ear. 

5. Coffee, Tea, And High-Saturated Drinks

Coffee, tea, and other high-saturated drinks are the other major causes of increasing wax in the ear and causing discomfort and irritation. Also, these caffeine-rich foods increase the stress level and lead to hormonal imbalance. Further, this leads to glands producing more wax, thus aiding in various ear problems. So, these must be avoided to have a healthy ear and promote overall health.

How Diet Are Reasons For Building Wax In Ear?

Yes, diet is the biggest reason for building wax in the ear, as what you eat is directly transported to blood to the mind and body. Not only production, but a healthy diet maintains the consistency of wax in the ear and keeps you safe from foreign particles. It can have a significant effect on the hormonal balance, and if taken improperly, it can trigger the situation by increasing production. So, it is essential to have a nutritional diet and omega-3 fatty acids to ensure normal wax secretion and healthy ears. 

What Food Decreases The Risk Of Excessive Production Of Earwax?

Since some food increases the chances of earwax buildup, there is some food that decreases the risk of earwax production. So, some foods that can be taken to reduce this situation are salmon, sardines, oysters, and mackerels. Also, fresh fruit and vegetables, along with some spices like chili powder, cayenne pepper, and others, can immensely prevent excessive buildup of wax in the ear. 

Bottom Line

Wax in the ear naturally self-cleans, and the ear canal gradually moves the wax out of the ear. However, if there is excessive production, then it can cause various ear issues. So, it is necessary to have proper treatment and avoid activities or foods that cause it. Besides, you must be concerned about foods that increase ear wax and include healthy habits so that there can be a balance of wax in the ear. Moreover, there are various tips for reducing ear wax buildup, like putting a few drops of baby oil, cleaning with a soft cotton stick, and maintaining hygiene. 

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