Gonorrhea in the Throat: Treatment & Prevention


Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by a bacterium that is capable of infecting both men and women. Gonorrhea must be treated as early as possible as it can spread to other body parts through the bloodstream if untreated. 

What Is Gonorrhea In The Throat? 

Gonorrhea in the throat is an STI/STD caused by sexual contact with an infected partner. It is also called Pharyngeal Gonorrhea. The infection is commonly transmitted when a person comes in contact with the penis, mouth, vagina, or anus of their infected partner.

The condition is common among men who does physical contact with other men. However, it doesn’t mean Pharyngeal Gonorrhea is not reported among heterosexuals.  

Redness in the throat, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, and swollen lymph nodes in the neck are the common symptoms of Gonorrhea in the throat. When noticed, you may immediately consult any health experts. 

Treatment Options Available For Gonorrhea In The Throat 

Basically, treatment options can be classified into three, and they are as follows: 

Treatment Options Available For Gonorrhea In The Throat 
  • Antibiotic Therapy

In this treatment method, antibiotics will be recommended for consumption. While taking antibiotics, you must be extra careful to complete the full course. Because, if you stop before the completion of a full cycle of antibiotics, then the remaining bacteria will get multiplied inside your body, causing you more harm. 

  • Dual Therapy Approach

This is the only advised first-line regimen to treat Gonorrhea in the throat. In Dual Therapy, you will be given a pre-determined dose of azithromycin and ceftriaxone. They will be injected into your body, preferably, on the same day. This combination enables faster treatment of Gonorrhea. 

  • Ceftriaxone Treatment 

Ceftriaxone Injection is a class of medication used to treat Gonorrhea in pregnant women. This type of treatment is also recommended for individuals who are allergic to antibiotics. 

How To Prevent Gonorrhea In The Throat? 

In the case of STIs, prevention is more feasible. Opt for safe physical contact and ensure only engage in monogamous relationships. If you are at high risk, either because of your unhygienic past, or because of your partner who is already infected, then make sure that you take regular check-ups. Mostly, STIs are tested by using either urine or blood samples, and so does Gonorrhea. 

In many cases, a person hides the diagnosis of STIs from their partners. This is completely not recommended as your partner has all the rights to learn about their potential exposure to the condition. So, instead of hiding, you should encourage them to take tests and other follow-ups. 

Challenges And Considerations

Unlike any other disease, people often tend to hesitate to talk about STIs. This is because of the fear of social behavior towards STIs. This often leads to dangerous outcomes as infected individuals choose to stay untreated for a long time. When STIs are kept untreated, they spread to other parts of the body making it more complicated. 

In case Gonorrhea in the throat is untreated, it may result in systematic gonococcal infection, which is the most serious complication ever reported regarding Gonorrhea. Therefore, it is necessary to aware of yourself and others to reduce this stigma. 


Getting Gonorrhea is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus, the treatment options are also abundant. You may consult a doctor and choose a suitable treatment measure available, so that you may keep your loved safe as well. However, prevention is much safer and easier than cure. 

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