How Often Should You Dermaplane? A Quick Guide!


Ever wondered about the ways to make your skin look glassy and smooth, just like celebrities and influencers? Well, dermaplaning is the answer to your curiosity. Although you might know about it already, there are certain details about it that you should be aware of. 

When you are planning to get your skin smooth and glowing, dermaplaning might be one of the best choices for you. Usually, individuals get this procedure from an expert dermatologist or a cosmetologist, but you can do it at your home with proper care and kits. So, here in this article, you’re going to learn about all the details, effects, and every small detail about dermaplaning, so keep reading thoroughly:

Should You Be Doing Dermaplane Frequently?

Well, here comes the important question you’ve been curious about, “How often should you Dermaplane?” The answer to that is once or twice every month. However, there are several implications it will have on your skin, which you might have to keep in mind. 


Dermaplaning is a deep skin exfoliation process that removes dead skin layers from your skin every time you do it. And, if you are dermaplaning your face frequently, it might cause you irritation, acne, or rashes. So, make sure you are waiting until either your fuzz starts to grow back or you have an event coming up.

How To Perform Dermaplaning At Home?

Dermaplaning is a type of surgical procedure usually done by professional dermatologists and plastic surgeons. However, the best part about dermaplaning is that you can do it at home with some special kits and care. When you are inclined to your skincare and have dermaplaning in your lifestyle, it can affect your pocket. So, make sure you are doing it at home in order to save the money and time you’d waste on appointments and salons.

The first thing you need to do in dermaplaning is that you have clean and moisturized skin. For that, you can use your regular facial cleansers and moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated and cut-proof. When you’ve done that, take your dermaplaning kit and sanitize all the equipment with hot water before using it. And make sure the blade is exchanged with a new one.

Afterward, glide the blade slowly and carefully on your face to clear out all the dead skin cells and remove the peach fuzz from your face. When you’re done cleaning out all the dirt and fuzz, clean your face and use serum filled with vitamin C and salicylic acid for better healing. And that’s it; you just have the best and clearest skin you’ve ever had, with very little effort and no expenses. However, make sure you are using the blades carefully; it can really scar your face for life and can even cause bleeding.

Is It Simply Shaving?

People sometimes jokingly refer to dermaplaning as simple shaving, which might not be completely true. Dermaplaning your skin helps you get rid of your unwanted vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz. However, while shaving, you simply take a razor, apply some shaving cream on your face, and shave off all the unwanted hair.

When you’re dermaplaning your face, remember that it needs high precision and careful blade usage, as it is much sharper than normal razors. And that’s the reason most individuals prefer professionals to get the task done instead of doing it themselves.

Positive Effects Of Dermaplane On Skin

There are tons of positive effects of dermaplaning on your skin, including its compatibility with almost all skin types. If you are dermaplaning your skin carefully and with sanitized blades, it will definitely make your skin glow, and you’ll even have better absorption for your skincare products.

Professionals and experts call it the perfect form of skin exfoliation, which might be true to some extent. However, the results of this procedure speak for themselves: with reduced skin aging, fine lines, and pigmentation, dermaplaning can help you a lot.

Dermaplaning your skin once or twice a month can actually help you remove all the peach fuzz from your skin, making it look clear and smooth. From better and long-lasting makeup to clearing out pores, dermaplaning provides all these benefits if you do it continuously. Dermaplaning also helps you remove Dead skin cells, which accumulate on your skin along with pigmentation.

Going Through All The Downsides Of Dermaplaning

Well, things that do some good to you can have some downsides as well, so when it comes to dermaplaning, there are some side effects of it. If you are one of those individuals with highly sensitive and acne-prone skin, dermaplaning is simply not for you. You can completely avoid this form of exfoliation and choose less harsh exfoliation methods like scrubs for positive results.

When you have active acne breakouts, using a dermaplaning blade on your face can really ruin your skin and cause never-ending scars. 

Another downside of dermaplaning is that if you get careless with gliding the blade on your face, it can give you serious cuts. So, make sure you are gliding the blade carefully and calmly; it will help you get better at dermaplaning gradually.

In certain cases, when you are not moisturizing or using serums on your skin while dermaplaning, it can lead to dry and itchy skin. The essential thing about this procedure is that you need to focus on preparing your skin prior and focus on moisturizing afterward.

Summing Up

Dermaplaning is gaining a lot of popularity among individuals of all ages, with women in the majority. Having uneven skin or fuzz might become embarrassing if you have it in large amounts. So, if you are concerned about your skin quality, peach fuzz, or unevenness, this effective procedure can save you a lot of time and insecurity. 

Although the process of dermaplaning is rather easy, you need to be extra careful while using the blade. And, if you’re wondering about using chemical peels after getting your dermaplaning done, you can go for it. Chemical peels can actually help you lock in the needed moisture and heal your skin faster than before.

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