12 Signs Of Breast Cancer Revealed: Stay Informed


Breast cancer is a concerning disease in which cells in the breast show immense growth. Today, numerous women around the globe are fighting against the condition with the hope of recovery, which is only feasible in the case of early detention.

In this article, we will discuss the 12 important signs of breast cancer so that you may be able to notice the even tiniest symptom of breast cancer as soon as possible. 

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer 

Symptoms Of Breast Cancer 
  • Nipple Abnormalities– Nipple abnormalities such as regular itching, redness, or scaly skin surrounding the nipple, should not be ignored. The unusual discharge also must be taken into consideration, and if it is bloody, then it may warrant immediate medical attention. 
  • Breast Lumps- While most breast lumps are not serious, some of them do indicate breast cancer, and sometimes, thickening can also be noticed in your armpit. As soon as you find one, make sure to consult a healthcare professional who will recommend you a suitable treatment option that will help treat your condition based on the cancer stage you are at. 
  • Breast Pain– Breast pain can be caused due to various reasons including the growth of the breast. However, unexplained pain deserves medical attention. If not pain, you will at least feel some kind of discomfort in that area and it may also be indicating an underlying concern. 
  • Nipple Enlargement- Sudden enlargement or retraction of nipples may signal a possible health concern, which is more likely breast cancer. These changes can either occur in one breast or can be visible on both of them. You cannot self-evaluate the cause, but only a medical professional can diagnose the reason behind this sudden change. 
  • Changes in Breast Shape– unusual changes in the breast size or shape including swelling, dimple formation, or shrinkage can be an indication of breast cancer. You should be vigilant to take a closer look at your breasts to notice them. 
  • Changes in Skin Color–  Take special note to consult a health professional in case you notice discoloration of the skin around the nipples. This could be uneven complexion and redness. These changes are not normal and therefore, they should be examined. 
  • Persistent Swelling– Swelling that causes thickening of the breast tissues resulting in an unusually enlarged breast should be taken into notice. This symptom may not necessarily be visible on the nipples, but anywhere on the nipple and it should be followed with a thorough medical checkup. 
  • Breast Discharge– Breast discharge is common especially if you are pregnant or lactating. But, it is rare when the discharge is bloody. This can be noticed on any of the two breasts and only a proper medical evaluation can decide if it is serious or not. 
  • Skin Changes on the Breast– Skin changes on the breast like redness or orange peel-like skin texture can be an indication of an underlying health condition, most commonly, breast cancer. This cannot be cured by applying moisturizers or any other hydration-providing creams, instead, it should be treated by a health professional. 
  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes– Lymph nodes are generally small in nature and they occur in the shape of a bean. But when affected with breast cancer, it is likely for these lymph nodes to grow limitless. 
  • Firmness of Breast- Firming of breasts may not always indicate a health concern like breast cancer, but it is also a symptom. You cannot decide the cause by simply touching them, instead, you should do a proper medical examination, so that your medical professional may understand what is actually wrong with your breast. 
  • Pain in the Nipple Area– This can occur when you are lactating. But if your nipple starts to pain all of a sudden, then it could be an indication of breast cancer. Earlier the diagnosis, effective the treatment.

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