How To Use Angelica Root For Hair Growth? Herbal Remedials!


Angelica is a common herb in Asian countries and the roots and other parts of Angelica are often used in several herbal medicines.

In addition to being used as a herbal medicine, Angelica roots also have culinary uses and are used in the production of several beverages.

What Is Angelica Root?

Angelica root is a traditional medicine in many countries including Europe and Russia and it is a Nordic folk medicine to kill cancer cells and fungus and the herbal benefits of this root also treat anxiety.

This root, which grows for almost 3 feet, was first used for haircare by the Chinese. Chinese have been using Angelica root for reversing hair loss for centuries.

Angelica Root

The vitamin E and other volatile oils present in Angelica root stimulate the flow of oxygen in your scalp.

Angelica root also oxidizes your blood and hair cells and regenerates the damaged hair cells. 

Are You Wondering How To Use An Angelica Root For Hair Growth?

You can use this root as an essential oil for your hair. When you steam distill the roots of Angelica you get Angelica essential oil.

This oil is effective in treating scalp psoriasis as it detoxifies the scalp and hair cells.

This essential oil is enriched with flavonoids, polyphenols, terpenes, coumarins, and other active compounds that are highly beneficial for the health of your hair.

When you apply this essential to your hair shafts in addition to promoting hair growth it also eases your anxiety and fatigue. 

Angelica Root For Hair Growth

This oil works best when combined with any carrier oil like coconut oil, kalonji oil and so on.

Being an essential oil it is best to avoid using it directly on your hair without combining it with any of the carrier oils as it is extremely strong and powerful. 

This oil has been used for ages to calm and revitalize the body and its soothing aroma is used to treat mild insomnia as it relaxes your body and eases your mind.

You can use this essential oil either from a diffuser or directly inhale from the bottle and you can also combine it with other essential oils like lemon, lavender, basil, and so on for additional benefits. 

Angelica oil has moisturizing properties and moisturizes your scalp and hair follicles and thereby removing dryness that causes split ends and preventing hair breakage.

The drier your hair is, the greater it is prone to breakage and damage and by smoothing your hair Angelica oil prevents hair loss. 

The active compounds in this essential oil strengthen the roots of your hair and help in the formation of thicker hair.

If you are facing hair thinning for a prolonged duration this oil is the best fit as it enables the formation of new hair cells and strengthens hair follicles from within. 

This oil prevents skin irritation and rids your hair off dandruff and owing to its multiple benefits for hair this oil is also called as the healing root.

By promoting blood circulation in your hair follicles, this oil promotes hair growth. By stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, Angelica root aids in bringing nutrients to your scalp and nourishes your hair from roots.

Angelica oil removes the toxins in your blood that hinder hair growth and it is enriched with vitamin B12 , folic acid, and biotin, the three main components of hair growth. 

You can also use Angelica root in a powdered form for your hair mask by mixing it with rosemary water or curd.

A deep oiling massage followed by a healthy hair pack using Angelica root will give your hair the care it needs and promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss and breakage. 

By treating anxiety and fatigue, this root also calms your body and eases your stress, and prevents stress-related hair fall.

You shed more hair when you are stressed and by addressing this issue angelica root prevents unwanted hair loss. 

The moisturizing effect of an Angelica root also eradicates brittle hair and presents you with healthy, thick, and supple hair. 


Your hair grows the best when it is nourished and cared for properly.

By including Angelica root as a regular part of your hair care routine, you can say goodbye to the dull and brittle hair that causes split ends and hair breakage and say hello to healthy-looking hair. 

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