At What Age Does Men’s Sex Drive Decrease? Why Does It Affect Deeply?


Popular literature often considers female pleasure to be paramount.

The general notion surrounding male sexual health is that they derive pleasure quickly without much trouble, and their sex drive remains constant.

Comparatively, minimal effort has been made to consider the sexual health of men, and often, they do not get a seat at the table.

As we progress in understanding sexual health, let us begin by normalizing the importance of understanding sex for both genders equally.  

Sex and pleasure are not limited to any particular gender.

It is equally important for everyone, and sexual health is vital in maintaining mental and physical health.

As we focus on male sexual health, let us understand the male sex drive better. 

What Is Sex Drive?

Sex drive, or libido, is a person’s desire to engage in sexual activities. It is the arousal and interest one feels to perform and engage in sexual activities.

Sex drive varies between individuals and is based on several factors.

For some, it might be purely physical; for others, it is more cerebral or would require an emotional bond. There are also persons who do not feel any particular interest in sex.  

Sex Drive

There is no scale to measure the sex drive of an individual. What is high and low is determined in comparison with your partner and based on factors such as age, health, and other external factors. 

Loss Of Sex Drive In Men

Just like women, men, too, lose their sex drive over time. There are many ways to boost it by using specific foods and medicines.

Declining sex drive in men is usually associated with age, health, and stress, apart from other factors such as illnesses or medications.

A diminished sex drive certainly affects your relationship, especially if it is unexpected.

An unreasonable decline in libido indicates some physical or mental health concerns that would require medical intervention.

Loss Of Sex Drive In Men

This may even be caused due to changes in lifestyle or habits. If you experience an unexplainable loss of sex drive, it is best to get a medical consultation.

Further societal and cultural conditioning and pressure also affect sex drive to a large extent.

The factors contributing to the loss of libido in all individuals can be broadly categorized into physical, mental, emotional, medical, societal, and even religious aspects.  

Age And Sex Drive In Men

Age has a direct effect on sex drive. The older we get, our body undergoes a lot of changes. These may be physical, mental, or hormonal. All these changes affect our functions.

Male sex drive peaks in their 20s and then gradually decline with age. However, this may differ for persons. Some men can retain their sex drive for up to 70 years. Others may face burnout by the age of 40.

Recently it has been understood that increasing amounts of stress are causing a decline in male sex drive even at a young age.

The lack of libido is due to a drop in testosterone levels. This is the male sex hormone and affects sexual health.

While the sex drive may decrease with age, this does not necessarily mean the interest in sex also reduces. It just means that men may need more stimulation for arousal.

A healthy lifestyle and a calm mind play a considerable role in retaining sex drive even as one age. 

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  1. Is it normal for sex drive to decline with age?

Whatever your gender, it is absolutely normal for sex drive to decline with age. This is due to a drop in hormone levels and the body’s natural aging process. People may experience a sudden loss of libido due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress, or even illnesses. This can be treated with proper medical help. 

  1. Does exercise help in maintaining sex drive?

Exercising keeps the body fit and healthy. It eliminates toxins and helps boost metabolism and immunity. All this has a direct impact on our overall health. Exercising and healthy living is an excellent way to retain sex drive longer.

  1. Does food help in maintaining a sex drive?

A healthy diet goes a long way in keeping the body healthy and fit. Indulging in aphrodisiac foods, chocolate, and certain herbs has often been used to improve sex drive.

  1. Do men require medication to maintain their sex drive as they age?

Not all men require medication to keep their sex drive. It would depend on the recommendation of your medical professional.

  1. Do men stop having sex when they age?

Again, not necessarily. Every person’s sex drive is different. It is not necessary that a person loses interest in sex and intimacy when they become old.  

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