What Are The Disadvantages Of Cataract Surgery? Facts You Must Know!


Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed on elderly individuals who are suffering from the same issue. A cataract is a visual disorder in which you would be able to build protein buildup in the lens of the individual. When there is a protein buildup on your lens, the entry of the light rays into your eyes becomes difficult causing sight issues. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways through which you can cope with the situation. Modern medicine suggests taking the right medications and also surgical intervention if required. 

Surgical intervention is performed especially if the condition has aggravated to a point beyond the control of medication. Even if there is a relatively higher success rate for this particular procedure, there are also a couple of side effects and disadvantages that come along with it. Hence it becomes quite important to get to know about such downsides of cataract surgery so that it will become quite easy for you to become aware of all those if at all you or your dear or near ones have to go through the procedure. In this article, we will be discussing such disadvantages in detail for your comprehensive knowledge and understanding. 

Cataract Surgery; An Overview 

Cataract surgery can also be understood simply in terms of an implantation surgery. The damaged eye lens of the individual would be removed and replaced with a new one. This is one of the most common procedures these days, hence there is nothing to be worried about in general. The lens of an individual who is contracted with the issue of cataract can be seen as quite cloudy and vague. During the surgical intervention, doctors would emulsify the natural lens of the individual in its place. 

The Disadvantages Of Cataract Surgery

Cutting and removing can also be done as an alternative to the emulsification process. Anyhow, after the cutting or emulsification procedure, it is time to implant a new and healthy lens in the place of the old one. Surgery is not something that is quite mandatory in every case of cataract. Even if you are someone who is suffering from the issue of cataracts, you do not need to take the surgery if the protein buildup has not seriously affected the clarity of your vision. Such medications would be more than enough and can be quite effective for you in almost every aspect. 

Downsides Of The Cataract Surgery 

Just like any other surgical intervention, there are also complications and a couple of other general disadvantages for this procedure too. We will be discussing some of the most important ones that you can consider before getting to do the procedure for yourself or anyone close to you. 

1. Expense 

Cataract surgeries can be expensive at least for some people out there. Apart from that, based on the type of surgery or the cataract condition you have, the expense can again have a serious fluctuation. Moreover, the hospital facility from where you are planning to get the procedure done also has a serious role in deciding the expense of this surgery.

Even if the success rate of this surgery is quite impressive, a lot many people do not prefer having it done, only on account of the amount they have to invest for it. However, it is also important to look for some specialized hospitals with all the modern facilities and advancements to get the procedure done. Apart from that choosing an expert surgeon for your procedure can also help a lot. If you are planning to undergo the procedure, make sure you are researching all these beyond the cost constraints. 

2. Surgical complications 

This is where the importance of an expert surgeon comes into its prime importance. If your surgeon is not that experienced and skilled, you are more likely to carry the remnants of the artificial lens inside your eye even after the completion of the procedure. Under such situations, you are highly likely to develop issues such as infections and other major issues, eventually after the procedure.

When you seek consultation while suffering from such issues, you may be advised to have another surgical intervention, to remove the remnants and make it clear. Such potential complications can be considered quite rare these days since most surgeons are quite skilled and experienced in the procedure. However, this cannot be regarded as one of the valid disadvantages of the procedure. 

3. Allergic inflammation 

This is one of the most common issues faced by those who who have undergone the procedure. You may experience a really irritating itching, redness, and inflammation in your eyes eventually after the complication of the procedure. This is not a serious side effect of the procedure, since this can be easily cured with the application of eye drops regularly as advised by your surgeon. However, it is obvious that it may cause severe itching and irritation to your eyes, which can be quite difficult for that time period. 

4. Dislocation of the retina 

This is one of the most dangerous side effects that can be caused due to cataract surgery. This issue is likely to completely damage your eyes and vision forever. However, you need not worry much about the same, since this is a rare situation. According to the statistical records available to date, it can be understood that only 10% of the population had to deal with this particular issue after a cataract surgery.

These are some of the major disadvantages that you need to know about regarding the procedure of cataract surgery. The key is to understand that the procedure can be highly effective in most cases, and hence it is suggested to go through the same if your doctor has advised you the same and also if you can afford the procedure. It is also important to research well about the doctor and the hospital from which you are planning to get it done. Applying the eye drops properly and regularly if you are suffering from the issue of redness and inflammation is also quite important.

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