What Causes Nosebleeds With Large Blood Clots? Beyond The Tissue


Have you ever encountered a situation where you find huge blood clots bleeding out of your nose? That situation might be scary for you to bear. But it is important to know the reason behind such frequent nose bleeding with large blood clots.

Usually, the nose bleeds whenever there’s a sudden burst of blood vessels in the nose. It causes the blood to flow out from the nose.

However, to minimize blood loss, the proteins of our body form a clot to clog the ruptured blood vessels. These clots flow out of the nose along with the blood. This can further lead to bleeding, pain, and discomfort. 

Sometimes, these blood clots may also come out while cleaning the nose with tissues after the bleeding stops. The clots cannot remain for a longer period in the nose itself. However, nose bleeding cannot be normalized.

Finding the reasons and getting that cause cured as soon as possible is important. Let’s know more about this health concern and find ways to fix this.

Causes Behind Nose Bleeding

several people get nosebleeds on a regular basis, and there are several potential causes. On the other hand, serious concerns arise when nosebleeds are accompanied by large blood clots.

Causes Behind Nose Bleeding

The proper course of action can only be determined once the reasons for nosebleeds accompanied by large blood clots have been identified.

An individual’s ability to handle and limit the discomfort associated with nosebleeds and seek appropriate medical assistance depends on his or her familiarity with the causes of nosebleeds. Here are some common causes of frequent nose bleeding with large blood clots.

▶️ Trauma 

One may be surprised, but trauma is one of the biggest reasons behind frequent nose bleeding with large blood clots.

This trauma can be physical or mental. Therefore, nose bleeding comes common when any object is blown to the face, when the nose is picked, or when the person undergoes hypertension and anxiety.

This happens because trauma increases the blood pressure that flows through the blood vessels. Due to the increased pressure application, the vessels’ lower portions often rupture as they are very delicate to withstand such high pressure. However, leaning forward and tilting your head slows down the flow of blood during such a situation. 

▶️ Climatic Conditions

Nose bleeding is a condition that is caused by not only the internal but also the external conditions of the body. The temperature, atmospheric pressure, and hydration levels of the surroundings can be responsible for nose bleeding.

This usually happens when we stay in a very dry and cold environment at an altitude. As and when the altitude increases, the atmospheric pressure decreases while the pressure exerted by our body remains the same.

The imbalance in the application of the pressure causes the blood vessels to burst and cause bleeding. A moisturizing cream or petroleum jelly may be helpful to avoid dryness and bleeding at times.

▶️ Allergies 

Viral and bacterial allergies are known for causing inflammation around the nose. Any inflammation around the nasal passage can lead to bleeding at times. This is because inflammation causes congestion in the nose.

Excessive congestion breaks down the blood vessels and exposes them to the risk of damage. Cold and cough are common conditions that can result in nose bleeding. The formation of large blood clots in the nose can be very discomforting at this point.

It increases breathing problems and also induces high blood pressure. Therefore, one must often avoid cleaning the mucus from the nose to prevent these blood vessels from coming out.

▶️ Reaction To A Medication

Not every medication suits a person. Medication can be steroidal or nonsteroidal. However, both types of drugs can be responsible for causing nose bleeding.

Heavy doses of medications can alter the blood flow in the body and, at the same time, even change how the body forms clots.

This may increase the time for which the nose bleeding frequently lasts. It can be a serious condition; one must visit the doctor immediately when such symptoms are reported. 


Therefore, these causes of nose bleeding are very common, and many people end up suffering from them at one point or another. However, it is strictly advisable to be on your toes and never take such situations lightly.

One must get himself examined by a doctor to avoid any risk. It is only with the help of some precautions one can avoid unnecessary clotting in the nasal cavity.

Both children and adults must take note of these situations over time to prevent such health risks. It is only with the help of such precautions one can lead a safe and healthy life.

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.

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