What Is Double Eyelid Surgery? Everything You Need To Know


Double Eyelid Surgery falls into the category of cosmetic surgery you can do to enhance certain features of your eyes. The main aim of this particular surgery is to create a double fold on your eyelid in people born with a single fold.

Asian Blepharoplasty is the medical name of this double eyelid surgery. Most of the patients seeking this particular cosmetic correction are from the East Asian region since people there lack a double fold on their eyelid on account of certain genetic reasons.

Medical science can help these people out through a relatively uncomplicated surgical procedure that can create a crease on their eyelids.

During the earlier days, people were less concerned about such corrections but now proper medical awareness and easy accessibility have increased the number of individuals seeking such treatments and surgeries.

This article would enlighten you about the nuances of the surgery, its possible consequences, and so on. 

What Effect Will Double Eyelid Surgery Have?

Apart from bringing a double fold, it also helps in creating a beautiful crease area in the patients making them even more attractive and charming.

Things To Know About Double Eyelid Surgery

During the surgery, the excess fat from the eyelid region is also removed so that it gives a better finish to the eyes when the surgery is finally done by avoiding any sort of saggy eye look.

The surgical procedure is by creating a minor incision on the eyelid area. However, this incision will not be that visible at the end of the day. Eventually, the marks will fade out significantly.

Identification of the particular muscle and getting it stitched by stretching the skin there helps in creating a double fold or crease in the area which is the ultimate aim of the surgery. Skin closure is the final step in this entire surgical procedure

What To Know Before Double Eyelid Surgery?

Getting aware of the possible happenings after the surgery is also important as you educate yourself on the procedures during the surgery.

The swelling on the eyelid area may remain for a couple of days which is completely normal and you will get back to the former state very soon. The tightness you feel in the eyelid area is also a normal thing to experience during this time.

You may not be able to move your eyes as easily as before but your movement freedom is also something that you can gain back in no time. Suture removal is done after a duration of 1 week from the hospital you have done the surgical procedure.

You would be able to see a considerable difference in your eyelids after 30 days of the procedure. Your desired results would only be visible during this period so do not try to stress yourself out before the deadline.

Also, make sure you follow all the instructions and care protocol prescribed by your surgeon while taking rest after the surgery.

This would help you detach yourself from any sort of further infections and complications. It is also important to take the medications properly if prescribed by the medical practitioner. 

Preoperative Checks And Preparations

Now, if you are someone who is particular about getting the surgery done for yourself, the cost would be the first thing you would be probably searching for. However, it is important to note that there is no fixed cost for the surgery.

The expenses may vary according to the hospital, methodology, and a lot of other different features.

But, before fixing your center for surgery and care, make sure your surgeon is quite experienced with these kinds of surgeries and if possible try to get some before and after pictures of their patients who have undergone this surgery.

Reliability is one of the most important qualities you should look for while selecting the doctor and the medical organization since you are approaching them for a cosmetic correction which is going to be a significant expression on your face.

Also, get to see the 3D visualization of your look after the surgery with the help of your surgeon which would help you make your mind upon the decision.

In short, this surgery is quite a boon and blessing for people who crave symmetry and attractiveness for their eyes. It also enhances the shape of your eyes making you align with your desired beauty standards. 

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