What Shoes Should I Wear For Morton’s Neuroma?


Morton’s neuroma is a painful foot condition that affects the area between the third and fourth toes. When affected, you may feel like standing on a pebble. Therefore, the condition is characterized by severe pain and discomfort. People with Monrton’s neuroma are asked to wear suitable shoes to promote their foot health. 

What is Morton’s Neuroma? 

Morton's Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma is often described as the thickening of the tissue especially around any nerves leading to the toes. This thickening of tissue will feel like a sharp pebble under your toes and therefore, it will cause severe pain in the ball of your foot. Stinging, burning, and numbness are the major symptoms of Morton’s neuroma. Therefore, you are suggested to wear appropriate shoes to prevent exacerbation of the condition. You may wear a wide-fitting shoe which will ensure that your toes are not overlapping.

Causes of Morton’s Neuroma 

Morton’s neuroma is a tumor that arises from nerve tissue after a trauma or amputation. In some cases, they are caused due to true neoplasms. Often, the condition is associated with pain in the ball of the foot and discomfort.  Swelling and numbness are also reported by many affected people. 

Key Factors of the Shoe 

What Shoes Should I Wear For Morton's Neuroma?

The following are the key factors that should be considered while picking shoes for Morton’s neuroma: 

Arch Support 

Shes with arch support will distribute weight evenly throughout the foot, which will help reduce pressure on the toes. There are shoes with built-in arch support, that enables customized support to your forefoot. 

Toe Box Width and Shape 

When the toe box is wide enough, it helps reduce the compression on the toe nerves. Such shoes provide plentiful space in the toe area. Not only that, it offers flexibility for your toes even while you are wearing the shoes. 

Material Selection 

To minimize friction, you better look for shoes made of breathable materials instead of settling for those made of rigid materials. You should also avoid choosing tight-fitting designs as it will only worsen your condition. Moreover, choose the one that has a cushion in it. You can also buy shoes with gel inserts to increase comfort. 

Apart from these, you must look for shoes of your size. In case you prefer online purchases over offline, then make sure to use accurate sizing guides. Also, do not push your legs to wear the new shoes, instead, wear them for short periods initially and then gradually increase the dependency on them to make them feel more comfortable. 

Types of Shoes for Morton’s Neuroma 

  • Orthopedics Shoes– Orthopedics Shoes are specially designed to address conditions such as Morton’s neuroma. It has deep, and adjustable closures and specialized inserts. 
  • Wide-Fit Shoes– These are shoes having ample space to accommodate your feet in utmost comfort. 
  • Athletic Shoes– These are well-noticed for their foot-friendly features such as toe box space and cushioning. 


Morton’s neuroma is not a condition to worry about as it does not pose any danger. However, it is still necessary to treat them as it causes major discomfort in the forefeet. Since compression of the affected nerves is supposed to worsen the condition, it is always recommended to wear comfortable shoes that provide ample space with arch support. You should also check for the material of the shoes and the comfort it provides so that you may provide proper care to your foot. 

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