Why Does My Body Feel Heavy? Here Is The Reason Why!


Everything looks good. You open your eyes, planning a whole day but wait! Why do you feel unwell? Your arms feel weak. Your legs are unstable. But why? We believe each of us has gone through this feeling at least once.

Our body feels heavy but what does that mean? Is it because we ate a large dinner? Or are we too tired?  We were fine the other day but what’s the reason behind the sudden downfall? Let us tell you what could be bothering you. So, to find out the reasons, read the article! We might just have the answer to your woes!

Reasons for Body feeling heavy

Our body has a system of its own. It works on a certain idea and rule that helps it function at its best. But sometimes, it might not work the way you want it to. Several factors play an important role in this, including our diet and how much we exercise.

Reasons For body feel heavy

That is what typically determines our body weight but why does it feel heavy one fine day when all the other days are the same? If you didn’t eat anything new or even did exercise then what could be the reason? The reasons could be any one of the following-

1. Fatigue- We all follow a fast-paced life, whether work or personal. Today’s world needs it but what about the body? Is it ready for it? It might not be. Mental or physical stress could start your body more than you think. You would not believe it if we told you that stress can drain the energy stored in your body. So when you physically exert yourself chances are your muscles use glycogen and give out lactic acid which often leads to muscle exhaustion. Now if you are taking stress mentally, it could completely shut down the nervous system and make you feel uneasy to move. This might be interpreted as heaviness to the body and it might make you bedridden.

2. Dehydration- Your busy life is not without a price. You often forget about anything but work or studies. But how is that impacting you? We assure you it is not doing you any favors. Dehydration can lead to multiple problems in your system including the loss of blood levels. When there is not enough water in your body, the blood is not produced enough. This means your body cannot transport nutrients to your muscles and that is when you should feel heavy. You might feel weakness and you cannot lift your hands or legs.

3. Poor posture- Most of us lean on a chair which is not very comfortable. Some don’t even use a chair but a stool with nothing to lean back on at all. Doing this for a day or two could not be harmful or will it? It definitely will. Sitting in an uneasy pattern and ignoring the ergonomics could open up a whole new can of worms. Not only does it give your muscle tension but also adds to fatigue and causes you to slip and fall. This is also because of the long exposure to imbalances that you undergo with inaccurate sitting positions. Ultimately, the spine pulls up and you feel heaviness in your muscles.

4. Lack of exercise- Your sedentary lifestyle will impact you more than you think if you couple it with no exercise routine. When there is no movement in the muscles and body for a long time, like machines it often rusts. The rust would build up and suddenly you might feel heavy in the arms and legs even when the chores are as simple as picking up a paper. Moreover, the deconditioning of the muscles makes them less flexible than they are.

5. Sleep issues- Sleeping is fun but sleep is essential too. Your body needs proper rest both mentally and physically. When you don’t sleep enough or don’t have a consistent sleep cycle, chances are you might feel weaker throughout the day and when you suddenly wake up the next morning, your muscles have built up lactic acid rendering you motionless.

6. Stress and anxiety- Stress and anxiety at your workplace or your school is doing you no good. Not only is it making the release of happy hormones difficult for your brain but also pushes in cortisol and adrenaline which often affects the muscles making them too weak to move. 

7. Medication side effects- Sometimes, the medications we take for chronic diseases could be sedatives and they can make you feel heavy in your arms and legs. Those for blood pressure and pain management often interfere with your hormone secretion or neurotransmitters that keep you awake and that is when you might feel heavy.

8. Nutritional deficiencies- Are you someone who eats junk food all the time? Or do you prefer to skip it altogether? If that is the case, your body will feel heavy when you try to move. It is mostly because you don’t have enough Calcium and Vitamin D for the bones to work or for the muscles to react to any stimuli.

9. Medical conditions- People with hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue disease often find themselves at a crossroads with movement. They might feel heaviness in their legs and can’t get up.


Your body could feel heavy due to multiple reasons that are stated above. One of the most common things that came up is the importance of a peaceful state of mind that can ensure your body is indeed doing fine.

Moreover, not eating food on time or sleeping at irregular intervals can make you feel heavy on the body and tie you to your bed. To avoid this problem, you might want to exercise to condition your body with sufficient movement so that it doesn’t shut down one fine day.

You could also take your mind off stressful activities by practicing yoga and mindfulness every day without fail. Remember, you have to love your body for it to love you back!

Dr. Jun Ren is a dedicated and experienced registered dietitian and nutritionist who is committed to helping people achieve their health goals through personalized nutrition plans. With a passion for promoting healthy eating habits and preventing chronic diseases, Dr. Ren has been able to assist numerous clients in improving their overall quality of life.

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